Arquite is recognized as a multi-disciplinary design firm, specializing in delivering turnkey solutions and customized range of furniture and furnishings.


Kapil Razdan
A creative professional with around 20 years’ experience in varied fields of design from Exhibitions, Retail, Set Design and Events that contributes towards his holistic design approach. Kapil has headed and worked on diverse projects in housing hospitality,corporate interiors and Retail Design Solutions for prestigious organizations. Kapil’s core strengths and passion lie in spatial planning, design development and implementation. An alumni of Sir. JJ College of Architecture, he is responsible for the growth and strategic direction of the company.

Design Principal at Arquite and ADA , Seema is architect with a domain experience of over 20 years.

Across a span of 2 decades , she has headed and worked on diverse projects including Residential, Retail, Commercial to Corporate Interiors, taking then concept to execution.

Her core strength lies in project detailing and implementation.

Mona Arora

Mona Arora an alumna of Sushant School Of Art and Architecture has more than 18 years of experience in the field of Interior and Architecture her forte lies in design with focus on sustainable architecture and interiors.Three of many projects she has worked on have received ‘LEED PLATINUM RATING’, from USGBC while four more projects have received ‘LEED GOLD RATING’ from IGBC.

In architecture she has successfully delivered corporate buildings, housings residences, commercial projects , sample apartments, schools ,office interiors, residential and commercial interiors to name a few

She firmly believes that aesthetics andenvironment consciousness can go hand in hand. With a natural flair for design and artist at heart she believes that ‘God lives in details’.